Guillow's Fairchild 24

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Guillow's Fairchild 24

Postby rayd » Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:56 pm

I have a question. I've a scratchbuild plan for the Fairchild 24 of about 25 inch wingspan. Looks like an ex Comet model. I wanted to build, for a couple throws, then just static display. The plan does not show it as being particular sturdy as say a couple Guillows of the 300 series kits I have (not yet built, moreso a cooler weather project for me). The plan, though not that difficult, looks...I dunno, like a somewhat flimsy (<maybe not the right word) plane might result.

So, I'm on Amazon yesterday, and yeah, the stick model basher is still saying not the greatest things about such planes, but thats neither here nor there. I see a Guillows Fairchild on Amazon, at third party seller, but price reduced nicely. Figured sales to move older die cut stuff to make room for laser goodies. So, I hit >buy< button, its a comin'

Now, in Guillows site, its classed as a 700 series, lightweight, build by number....gee, did I buy a kids kinda thing (I mean moreso yesterdays pre ipod, pre Wii type kid.) Saw box says light, good flyer, yadda, yadda. No pix of skeleton on this one like some others. So, is this kinda light like the Comet type plan? I'll have to beef it up a bit maybe... if its based on old Comet design, no problem, but anyone know about this model plane, vs eg a Cessna 170 and Aeronica 85 Champ. Thanks
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Postby supercruiser » Sat Oct 01, 2011 8:12 am

I think you will find the Guillow Fairchild 24 a very satisfying model to build and fly. The build-by-number is a good system for beginners, if it's too simple for you, just ignore it. The design of the model itself is done well. This model utilizes the "box and former" method. Typical Guillow kits use the precision beam method. I'm not familiar at all with the Comet Fairchild.
I would say the only weak spot in the Guillow design is the way the wing joins the fuselage. If the model hits nose first to the ground the wings will pull away from the fuselage. You really should join the wing frames together at the trailing edge or at one of the spar locations. I think I have photo of this, will try to upload, later. Also, move the motor peg
up to Frame B15. My Fairchild 24 is 6 years old, has flown perhaps 40 flights.
Still in good condition, and would fly right now if I wanted. I highly recommend this kit for any balsa model builder.
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Fairchild 24

Postby rayd » Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:26 am

Whoa! Sounds like a pretty decent high winger. Thanks for responding and for all the tips supercruiser. Yes, in my travels, I noted a couple different types of so called "stick model" designs, that box and former method (Comet used it a lot, likely others....betcha maybe Guillows now, more or less is using that old Comet plan/design.) The other, beam method, I didn't see around much in earlier days...and first one I ever had was in about 1965, the only ship our (real) hobby shop had in town was a Mitsubishi Zero.

I said to myself while building....gee, this seems different, and it went together nicely. Think it cost less than $5 back then. I had it on static display for over 3 decades, as a looked just too nice to cover, but seemed a bit heavy to fly on rubber, so did not bother covering. I was ok then with tissue, just opted for skeleton for show on that plane. Hey, really, thanks again for the info and tips. Ray
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Postby Phugoid » Sat Oct 01, 2011 9:42 am

Don't be put off by the "build by numbers" tag, the 600 and 700 series are pretty good builds. My 600 super cub is a nice flyer too. Both Series are the only ones IMO that have a decent sized prop

If you aren't worried about the colour of the tissue all you are likely to have to replace is the rubber (which is fairly useless!)

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